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Item 10: Rivulet Signet size 5.5


Size: 5.5
Metal: 925 solid sterling silver
Stones: Three natural Sapphires- Deep green brilliant cut, green parti marquise cut and small teal brilliant cut. Colours of the stones can be dynamic depending on the lighting; they may appear darker in low lighting and vivid under brighter lighting.
Weight: 7.51g

Please note that due to the irregular nature of sand cast rings, they can not be made smaller. Some rings can be made slightly larger (by up to one size), although this depends on the style of the ring. Prior to ordering your ready-to-ship ring, please ensure you know your exact ring size. If you need help, you can ask any reputable jewellery store to size you accurately.

Each ring features minor 'imperfections' and varying textures and stone placement due to the casting technique used, this is what makes the rings beautiful and completely unique.